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Self-tapes are becoming the norm for actors now. Here are some quick tips to make yours more professional.

Self-tapes can seem daunting, but with a litle bit of preparation and a good set-up, you can smash out brilliant self-tapes time after time.

Equipment List

It is NOT important to spend a lot on home equipment for a professional-looking self-tape.
My go-to items are -
  • Phone camera (iPhone or whatever)
  • Artificial light (in case it is darker on-screen than you realise)
  • Easy-to-use editing software

Contact me regarding working on your self-tapes.


For a set price, I  will  -

  • Work with you on the script highlighting the areas to perform

  • Look at props and costume to enhance the performance

  • Give direction that will help you in the future

  • Read opposite you so that you have something to act against

It is a good idea to use either your phone or camera in a LANDSCAPE mode (sideways) and then when you edit the video, look to zoom in so just your head and shoulders are in frame.

Always try to get someone to read the lines with you. They can aid your performance, give you something to bounce off or point out areas to work on.

Be as brightly lit as possible. Natural light works best. If you cannot use natural light, invest in a good ring or fill-in light to help caputure your facial expressions clearly onscreen. You must be seen clearly or all that work is for nothing!

You have to be heard! Make sure your recording space is as quiet as you can make it.

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